5000$ gift for 10 people shikpik.com summer collection

For 10 people

The gift will be awarded to 10 people by lottery .

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500$ giftcard shikipik.com summer collection


Gift Card

Winners can choose to receive $500 as a gift card to purchase from our website or as cash.

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500$ gift as cash shikipik.com summer collection



Winners can choose to receive $500 in cash or as a gift card to use on our website.The amount will be deposited into the account that they will announce.

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5000$ gift shikipik.com summer collection


For 10 people

A total of $5,000 will be given as a gift. The winners, who are 10 people, will choose how each of them will receive their gift.

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Terms & Conditions

Lottery Date

Validity Start date of : 1 July 2024

Validity End date : 30 September 2024

Lottery date : 5 October 2024

Announcement of winners : 7 October 2024

Terms of participation

Anyone can participate in the lottery by purchasing our products for $50 or more.

Gift Value

The total value of the gifts is 5000 US dollars, which will be awarded to 10 people, 500 dollars each. Winners can choose to receive their prizes in the form of gift cards to use on our website or in cash to deposit into their bank accounts.

Ensuring Transparency and Integrity: A Look into Lottery Health

The lottery will be conducted using participants' email addresses and names. The steps of the lottery, managed by a robot, will be broadcast live on social media. The results will be announced to participants at the specified time via social media and our website. Winners are required to confirm their readiness to receive prizes via email and Instagram within 4 days. If no response is received from any winner within this period, a replacement will be selected by the robot.